User Interface Textures (*.ntx)


This archive format is just a bunch of texture files with filenames. These files contain textures that are referenced in the User Interface Layout (game.nui) file.

In older clients, the filenames were just numbered, but in newer clients these are full names with coordinates, which are presumably to build a texture atlas.


These are the building blocks this archive format is built on. The offsets are relative to the beginning of the structure, not the file.

File Entry (old)

0x00char[16]File Name (null terminated)
0x10uint32File Length
0x14uint8[File Length]File Contents

File Entry (new)

0x00char[64]File Name (null terminated)
0x40uint32File Length
0x48uint8[File Length]File Contents


Usually packed in AGTs, located within a locale-specific data directory

  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\0.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\1.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\2.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\3.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\4.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\5.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\6.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\7.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\8.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\9.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\A.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\B.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\C.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\D.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\E.ntx
  • Data_US\GameUI\tex\F.ntx